MANTEC Award Finalists 2018

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As a family-owned business that has provided sheet metal fabrication services for thousands of people over the past seven decades, APX York Sheet Metal has prioritized its clients above all else.

Our employees, many of whom have been committed to our mission for more than 25 years, aim to produce precise results on quick turnaround times, all while offering comprehensive customer service that addresses your every need. As a result of our dedication and business philosophy, we earned a nomination as a 2018 MANTEC award finalist.

What Are the MANTEC Awards?

MANTEC is a nonprofit consulting company that was formed in 1988 under direction from former Gov. Bob Casey Sr. and serves as one of seven Industrial Resource Centers (IRCs) in the state. It started the Excellence in Manufacturing awards to recognize manufacturing businesses throughout central Pennsylvania for numerous accomplishments. The awards, which began in 2010, generally serve to distinguish local manufacturers that exhibit exemplary commitments to competitive manufacturing.

The awards also aim to praise companies for their efforts to position themselves as dynamic, first-class service providers in the present and the future.

MANTEC announces their finalists in four categories during the late summer/early fall.

What Are the Categories?

To highlight different areas of improvement for various businesses, MANTEC separates its awards into four categories. These divisions range from service quality to employee proficiency, and they consist of the following:

  • Excellence in Operational Excellence and Quality: To offer top-quality services in a global economy, businesses need to run as tightly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing the excellence of their craft. This award recognizes companies that meet all productivity-related initiatives, including LEAN, Six Sigma and quality certifications, such as ISO.

  • Excellence in Growth and Innovation: The complexity of the marketplace continues to accelerate, and it has left many lesser companies in the dust after they failed to adapt. The Excellence in Growth and Innovation rewards companies that have successfully implemented strategies and procedures that help stimulate and sustain growth.

  • Excellence in Technology: Part of adopting new strategies involves the usage of new machinery and other innovations that the relevant market deems necessary. Some of the related initiatives include design services and prototyping, manufacturing planning and production, supply chain logistics and IT infrastructure.

  • Excellence in Workforce Development: All companies rely on their staff to fulfill their visions, and the Excellence in Workforce Development acknowledges companies that continually implement meticulous training programs and responsible safety protocols, promote employee engagement and improve overall company culture.

APX York Sheet Metal Is a Finalist for Growth and Innovation!

APX York Sheet Metal garnered a distinction as one of the best companies in this section of the state to promote growth and innovation.

Out of the five total businesses, we are the second oldest to earn a nomination, as we've translated our wealth of experience into actions that met MANTEC's benchmarks for various subjects. These subjects include exploratory strategy implementation for new customers and markets, new product development, and business positioning that promotes sales growth and market share.

Why Was APX York Sheet Metal Chosen?

We've stayed ahead of the curve in our field since the 1940s, which is why we've consistently remained as one of the top area providers in our industry.

We're a one-stop shop that performs all necessary services in-house — including shipping — to lower our reliance on third parties while generating significant reductions in turnaround time. Our ability to handle an increasing amount of jobs for different fields also played a notable role, since we work with a variety of challenges/requirements. We take on a lot of requests that competitors refuse.

If you'd like to inquire about our award-nominated sheet metal fabrication services or request a free quote, contact us today.