Should I Work With a Full-Service Metal Fabrication Shop?

The process of fabricating a metal part can go through a number of stages. From designing to choosing the right metal to fabricating to finishing and finally shipping the final product, it's a complex procedure. Some companies may find themselves dealing with several different vendors in order to produce a single product. Whether this is by circumstance or by design, there are many important reasons to consider doing business with a single full-service metal fabrication company.

Benefits of Using a Full-Service Custom Metal Fabricator

There are many benefits to using full-service custom metal fabrication, including:

  • Time: If you need your parts fast, a full-service metal fabrication shop is almost always the way to go. A full-service metal fabricator doesn’t have to wait for design information or materials to come in, and they don’t have to send the part somewhere else for finishing. Therefore, they can get it to you much faster. This can make a big difference if you frequently deal with rush orders or deadlines or if you want to make delivery guarantees.

  • Communication: When you handle all the elements of fabricating a metal part in one place, miscommunication is much less likely and more easily corrected. Everyone in the facility knows what everyone else is doing, and if there is any confusion, it is easy for one department to visit another to clear things up. If someone in Pennsylvania has a question about materials they received from China, it can be much harder and take longer (if ever) to straighten everything out.

  • Price: While not all full-service fabricators will necessarily be cheaper than a combination of multiple vendors, typically they are. Also, keep in mind that a full-service fabricator does not have to deal with any fees associated with shipping components from one facility to another. They can then pass those savings on to you.

  • Customer service: If you work with a single full-service fabricator, they are much more likely to be familiar with you, your company and your project. When you are dealing with multiple vendors, you may have no idea where your part is or what its status is at any given time. You’ll always know who to call to learn the status of your project when you partner with a full-service fabricator.

Choose APX York Sheet Metal as Your Full-Service Custom Metal Fabrication Shop in Central PA and Northern MD

APX York Sheet Metal is an experienced, reliable full-service custom metal fabricator operating in York, Pennsylvania. Our service area includes central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. We excel at providing complete turnkey solutions for your metal part fabrication needs, from design to assembly to finishing to shipping.

We use cutting-edge technologies and the highest-quality materials to make sure you get better parts for lower costs with shorter lead times. We are a family-owned company with over 70 years in the metal fabrication business. For a quote on metal fabrication services, contact us today.