Metal machining services for customized parts

Machining Capabilities

Steel machining services in Central PA from APX York Sheet Metal use the latest technology to result in customized pieces for each client. There is no cookie-cutter solution for each business, so our engineers work with you to deliver superior results.

Machining is the process of shaping a piece of metal via cutting, forming, drilling or grinding using machines like saws, lathes and presses. Professionals at APX York Sheet Metal machine various materials to create the pieces you need for your project. We support industries such as:

  • Construction equipment manufacturers

  • Custom performance fabrications

  • Energy and environmental solution providers

  • Industrial enclosures and cabinets

  • Manufacturing and machinery OEMs

  • Material handling and logistics solution providers

  • Web handling and printing equipment OEMs

We also work with other sectors as well, such as the construction industry, and not just the equipment manufacturers. This list gives you an idea of our vast services, but we provide solutions to any business seeking customized machining and fabrication products. Our machining processes include internal and external threading, cutting, facing and turning, like contour, form, taper and straight techniques. Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Boring

  • Drilling

  • Countersinking

  • Profiling

  • Tapping

  • Thread milling

Types of Materials

If you are wondering what types of materials APX can machine, it’s not restricted to steel and aluminum, although both are popular forms. We provide machining services on materials like:

  • Alloy steels

  • Aluminum

  • Brass

  • Bronze alloys

  • Carbon steel

Other materials we work with range from spring steel to stainless steel and titanium along with iron, nickel and plain steel.

Drilling a hole into a metal part during fabrication.

Our Machinery

To deliver the best results to our clients, APX York Sheet Metal’s facility uses the latest technology and we employ trained engineers who will get the job done the first time. Our technology implementations include:

  • Drill presses

  • Supermax mill

  • Tapping machine

  • Pendulum tapping arms

Choose APX York Sheet Metal

If your company is searching for sheet metal machining services in Central PA, we are your one-stop-shop that can machine metal in your area. We work with a variety of materials so as not to limit your solutions, and our specialists have a range of knowledge with OEM parts, industrial enclosures, conveyor system components and many more.

Our processes include laser cutting, bending, inserts, welding, grinding and painting along with others, and as a family-owned business for 71 years, we know how to deliver reliable and high-quality products. Steel machining services in Northern Maryland are available at APX York Sheet Metal. We offer quick turnaround times, great customer service and can take on projects in large quantities. However, we also do smaller and more intricate jobs and we handle all shipments and processes in-house.

We never outsource parts of the metal machining process, so call us at 717-767-2704 for a free quote or reach out to us online to learn more about our machining solutions.

We never outsource parts of the metal machining process, so call us at 717-767-2704 for a free quote or reach out to us online to learn more about our machining solutions.